Berlin Post-War Modernism – New Book!

Would you like it modern? Author Nicola von Albrecht charts ideas and initiatives of the German Werkbund for modern living in the aftermath of WWII. Alongside historic documents the book presents works from the D.I.Y. Home Advice Centre which was part of the successful exhibition of the same name at the Werkbundarchiv – Museum of Things in 2017.

gern modern? Wohnkonzepte für Berlin nach 1945 (in German only)
Schaukasten # 5 (publication series of the museum)
Concept / Author: Nicola von Albrecht
Editors: Werkbundarchiv – Museum of Things and Nicola von Albrecht
Book Design (based on the series design by Simone Schöler): Rose Apple

Find out more about the exhibition (that I co-designed) and the DIY Home Advice Centre (that I co-curated) here! The book is available via the shop of the Museum of Things or their website.

Photos of the book by Rose Apple

Organizing Things

Keeping on top of your possessions is hard enough at home, so how does a museum with over 65,000 items organize, structure, store and show its things? Find out about the underlying order (or disorder) of things in the Museum of Things in their new exhibition!

Organizing Things

19.05. – 31.10.2022 Werkbundarchiv – Museum of Things

Oranienstraße 25 · 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg
Thur–Mon 12-7 p.m.
Curator: Renate Flagmeier
Exhibition design and production:  Studio Alex Valder
Visual identity and exhibition graphics: Rose Apple with Wolfgang Schneider (animation / image editing)
All photos by Rose Apple unless credited otherwise 

Find the Thinglings!

Kids’ museum activity and booklet
Concept, text and graphic design: Rose Apple
Free entry every first Sunday of the month at the
Museum of Things, Oranienstr. 25, 10999 Berlin.
Book your free ticket here!
See more of my design of the Museums Sunday here.
All photos by Rose Apple, unless otherwise credited. A big thanks to Oscar and Agata for finding the Thinglings and for letting me take photos of the search.  

Museum Sunday

Every first Sunday in the month the Museum of Things is getting ready for a party. Put up the bunting, wave your flags and roll out the green carpet – everybody welcome!

Museum Sunday
Pop-up event decoration
toolbox for museum activities
kids activity workbook – more about it  here
Concept, surface pattern, product and graphic design: Rose Apple
Bag design: Sara Wendt
Every first Sunday in the month at the
Museum of Things, Oranienstr. 25, 10999 Berlin
Book your free ticket here
All photos by Rose Apple, unless otherwise credited. 

Erotic Things

What makes things erotic? An exhibition in the Museum of Things, Berlin, presents a wide range of objects with an erotic dimension – some intentionally, others due to our vivid imagination.  Continue reading “Erotic Things”

Private Photography

The exhibition FOTO | ALBUM in the Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge, Berlin shows private and anonymous photography from the vast collection of the museum. Do not miss it – it is great fun and runs till February 26th, 2018. Poster and exhibition graphics by Rose Apple.  Continue reading “Private Photography”

Cabinet of the Unknown

The Werkbundarchiv – Museum of Things and guest curator Ece Pazarbaşı invited its neighbours to select “unknown” objects in their vast collection and collectively assemble this exhibition of 65 enigmatic things. They serve as talking points to participants and visitors alike, with the aim to collectively generate a pool of knowledge that goes beyond the conventional museum wisdom. Come and share your knowledge as well until September 25, 2017. Continue reading “Cabinet of the Unknown”

How Do You Live?

At the Museum of Things, we hosted students of Jens-Nydahl Primary School in Berlin Kreuzberg for a jolly project week. Twenty-one kids from age six to eleven drew floor plans, furnished apartments, designed wallpaper and built dream homes. Best of all – they turned our white cubes into very colourful ones! Here are some impressions of a busy week in the D.I.Y. Home Advice CentreContinue reading “How Do You Live?”

Would You Like It Modern?

The exhibition gern modern? Living concepts for Berlin after 1945 at the Museum der Dinge charted ideas and initiatives of the German Werkbund in the aftermath of WWII.

Continue reading “Would You Like It Modern?”