…and how do you live?

At the Museum of Things, we hosted students of Jens-Nydahl Primary School in Berlin Kreuzberg for a jolly project week. Twenty-one kids from age six to eleven drew floor plans, furnished apartments, designed wallpaper and built dream homes. Best of all – they turned our white cubes into very colourful ones! Here are some impressions of a busy week in the D.I.Y. Home Advice Centre

On Monday the kids drew floor plans of the rooms they sleep in.

They also started to build their own room in the museum with our big building cubes.

Then they discovered the coloured tapes.

The kids started taping furniture …

… and carpets,

… and windows,

… and they did not stop! Photo: Isa Hönle, Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge

On Tuesday, the students looked at the stuff we live with.

They drew furniture and other objects people have in their bathrooms, kitchen and living rooms,

including the most important items in a home – the people that live there!

Then they let them wander around their rooms on our magnetic board.

On Wednesday the kids produced 20 metres of wallpaper!

They drew around objects that are typically found in a kitchen …

… again and again and again.

Then they coloured in the overlapping areas, creating abstract patterns.

On Thursday the kids built their dream homes,

designing crazy features,

… with lots of materials.

Would you not like to live here? Photo: Isa Hönle, Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge

On Friday they invited their families to show all their hard work.

Photo: Isa Hönle, Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge

Thank you for coming everybody! Photo: Isa Hönle, Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge

To see more of the many educational activities that accompanied the exhibition gern modern? New living concepts for Berlin after 1945 in the Werkbund Archiv – Museum of Things, go to our exhibition tumblr.

A big thank you to guest curator Nicola von Albrecht, the whole team of the museum and intern Hannah Seifert for their fantastic support and to the lovely students and teachers of class 1,2,3 A of the Jens-Nydahl Primary School in Berlin Kreuzberg for bringing such enthusiasm to the project.

Concept and realisation by Rose Epple. The wallpaper project was adapted from the highly recommended book “Art workshops for children” by Hervé Tullet. All photos not credited otherwise are by Rose Epple

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