Chapel for 30 Seconds

What are you afraid of? You had 30 seconds to ponder this existential question, while crossing the light tunnel over river Ill. The installation by Alex Valder and myself in picturesque Feldkirch was part of the Montforter Zwischentöne, an innovative music festival. The theme of that year’s edition was “Faith”.

Photo: Elias Keimer

The questions mounted at either end of the bridge were changed every day to entertain regular users of the bridge as well as the one-time visitor from out of town. The closer you got to the questions, the less legible the letters became.

The bridge connects the town and the Montforthaus – the festival’s base – with the music academy on the other side of the river, which served as a venue for some festival acts.

Photo: Elias Keimer

In the early November nights the illuminated bridge showed visitors the way and signalled to the population that the festival was ‘on’.

A visitors book in the Montforthaus invited you to share your answers, reflections or comments to the question of the day.

Frage-Zeichen. Kapelle für 30 Sekunden, an installation by Rose Epple and Alex Valder  with the help of lighting expert Elias Keimer for the Montforter Zwischentöne from November 12-29, 2015. The festival is curated by Hans-Joachim Gögl and Folkert Uhde.
Title image © Darko Todorovic