Join the DESiGN KiDS!

Do you want to invent things yourself? In my new activity booklet DESiGN KiDS show you how to collect, examine, transform, build and exhibit them.

There are things to do on your own or with friends, either directly in the book or with easy-to-find materials at home. All activities are tried and approved by real DESiGN KiDS and illustrated with their cool inventions.

DESiGN KiDS create their own world. That is fun and also very useful. Wouldn‘t you like to have a robot that helps with homework? Learn how DESiGN KiDS approach new inventions step by step and impress your friends with design words like „brainstorm“ or „prototyping“.

This activity book is for DESiGN KiDS who not only want to follow instructions but create their own things – things that you cannot buy anywhere. Or have you ever seen a „schoolinator“ for sale, that can beam you to school?

Based on a school workshop, the booklet was created in co-operation with the Werkbundarchiv – Museum of Things, Berlin. Many thanks to the DESiGN KiDS of Jens Nydahl Primary School for their brilliant inventions.

The handy sized booklets were printed and packaged in eco-friendly fashion and can be purchased at the Museum or online on my new website

Join the DESiGN KiDS!
Inventing Things
by Rose Apple
24 pages
13 activities, richly illustrated
148 x 210 mm
For DESiGN KiDS from 8 to 12 years (negotiable)
Price 9.50 €