We-Traders Madrid Exhibition Now Open!

The first We-Trader exhibition opened it’s doors on January 31 at the Matadero in Madrid and more than 2000 people came the very first night to check it out.


photo: Alex Valder

This is what the exhibition looked like just before the opening of the doors,

03_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_081

and this what it looked like from 8pm till midnight. It was great to see so many people spend so much time interacting with the exhibits and with each other.

04_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_041

The heart of the exhibition are the We-Traders projects from five cities: Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Toulouse and Turin.


photo: Alex Valder

On big city maps you can see where the projects are located in each city.

05_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_038

Each We-Trade is presented with a before/after image, a short film, a text and an object.

10_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_170

Open Design City (ODC) from Berlin have built this amazing nail chair for the exhibition. Yes, you can sit on it and it is even quite cozy.

09_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_147

Toolbox Coworking from Turin sent us their serendipity machine: press the button to select your dream team!

07_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_165

The pan from Cozinha Popular in Lisbon lets you listen to Adriana Freire and her team cooking.

08_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_124

And ingenious Campo de Cebada in Madrid invites everyone to make their own key to the Campo.

11_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_057  

If you want to read more about the projects in the privacy of your own home,


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut

pick up the take-away information in English or Spanish,


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut

and produce your own D.I.Y. catalogue.


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut

With the D.I.Y. statistics we would like to take the temperature in each city.

15_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_119

Where does change come from – the government, myself, my community?


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut

The questions were developed collaboratively at the We-Traders Fora in each city and will vary.


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut


photo: Alex Valder

Slowly a picture is emerging and we are very curious to compare the results with the other four cities.


photo: Alex Valder

We-Traders in each city have produced a Manifesto. In Madrid it is simply a hashtag; type “#wetraders” and your message will become part of the exhibition.


photos: Alex Valder

Spin the Turin fortune wheel and follow the advise you are given: redesign a piece of your life every day.


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut

There are activities going on in the exhibition every day. This was a cooking session with urban collective kitchen COCOOK.

25_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_105

Open to everyone – just bring one item of food. And then start cooking, swapping food and recipes and enjoy.


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut

To my surprise, we didn´t only eat stew but a wide range of very tasty little dishes.


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut

Our Madrid co-curator Javier Duero is not only a fantastic curator, but also a very good cook.


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut

The first day of the exhibition ended with a We-Traders round of talks in the Urban Parliament by Zuloark.


photo: David Sirvent © Goethe-Institut

All activities will be documented in this library and will travel to the other cities.

31_WT_Madrid Exhibition_R_Epple_094

So if you can´t make it to the Matadero until March 16, you might join the We-Traders exhibition in Berlin from July 3 to August 17, 2014.

We-Traders is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut region of south-west Europe and was developed by the Goethe Institut, Vienna based curator Angelika Fitz and myself in collaboration with local co-curators and Goethe-Instituts in Lisbon, Madrid, Toulouse and Turin, as well as with twenty-four We-Trades from all five cities. Co-Producers in Madrid are the Matadero as well as Medialab Prado, Intermediae and Pista 34 Cultura S.L.. Our co-curator in Madrid is Javier Duero. The exhibition scenography is by Alex Valder and the exhibition graphics by Carsten Giese/Studio Regular, both from Berlin. Thank you all.

Find out more about the project on our multilingual website www.goethe.de/wetraders and for details on all the fantastic people involved in the project click here.

All photos by Rose Epple, if not otherwise credited. 




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