Bruno at the DMY 2013

Taking Bruno to the DMY 2013

Come on Bruno, let´s go!

Where are we going?

We are going to see the DMY exhibition at Tempelhof Airport.

What´s there to see?

A lot of new design.

…. look here, Bruno? Where are you off to Bruno?





Stop it. Let me see what these are – well Bruno, actually your emotional reaction is exactly what these objects are meant to bring to the surface. That´s what they are there for. They are called “punch`n`cuddle” and you can punch them when you get angry and cuddle them afterwards to apologize.

Are they made for animals?

No, for kids or adults, I guess. Adults get angry as well, you know. They also have to learn to cope with their anger, for adults it´s called anger management. It is a big problem, especially with men. They seem to have more anger inside them than women. Strange – you would think it was the other way around.



Bruno, that´s enough now. He didn´t do anything to you, did he?

He looked at me kind of funny!

How can he look at you he doesn´t have eyes.

And what´s that in the mdidle of his belly?

That´s … er, that circle is there to make them look like mods from the back. And he´s too big for you anyway.

Who says?

Come down!

Bruno cuddling a punch´n`cuddle

I am just saying sorry.

Yeah right – but come over here, do you know what that is?

The MakerBot 3-D Printer

A microwave? (shuddering)

No, this is the Maker Bot Replicator 2X. A new generation 3-D Printer, the first affordable version. People are ordering it like crazy, they already have problems delivering.

3D Printer?

Yes, a 3D printer prints objects, not pictures. Look it´s printing a rabbit right now. Isn´t it fascinating?

I don´t know. Somehow it doesn´t seem right. Printing an animal. Animals are made. I mean sewn and stuffed and all that – not printed.

Oh, don´t be so technophobic.

I am not technophobic, but just because something is possible to do, it doesn´t mean one should do it.

printed yellow rabbit

This is what the rabbit will look like when the MakerBot is done printing. It takes about 6 hours to print.

I just wonder: why a rabbit? Why print a rabbit, when you can print any animal in the world? Wouldn´t you rather print an animal that is more useful, aesthetically pleasing, intelligent and mankind´s best friend?

Stall of School of Form, Poznań, Poland

Stall of School of Form, Poznań, Poland

Bruno, what happened?

Nothing. I just wanted to express my sympathy.

Fur object by Ania Kanicka

Fur objects by Ania Kanicka

You didn´t tell me that there would be so many creatures here.

I didn´t know. But you´re right, there are a lot of creatures here. I think designers try to make their products more emotional.

I don´t know if that is a good way to go.

Oh, look what a nice surprise. Here is the brilliant design duo Walking Chair from Vienna.

Fidel Peugeot and Bruno

Fidel Peugeot and Bruno

They are here to promote their new 3D Viewer. It is just this really harmless looking tin device, mirrored steel inside, you can wear it around your neck and if you look through it….


O……h God, that is doing my head in. Stop it! Stop it! I can´t process all that information, it is confusing me. IT MAKES ME FEEL SICK!

Ok, ok, I didn´t want to make you feel sick. You know, human beings sometimes like to get confused. Don´t you like to change your perspective sometimes?

I am very happy with my normal perspective, thank you.

Nowadays designers constantly have to adapt their perspective. It´s what they teach you at art school: putting yourself into other people´s shoes. I guess you wouldn´t be a success at art school today. You would have been better off when I was a student. Back then, it was all about finding your own artistic self, your individual “style”.

Sounds reasonable.

Maybe, but in some designers it brings out the worst – horribly mannerist work. I think every designer has an inborn style anyway that will emerge and be the better for not being cultivated. The best designers have a style of thinking, not an aesthetic style. It´s all about curiosity.

Curiosity killed the cat.


Here´s the kitchen! What´s for dinner?

This is not the kitchen. It is the exhibition of the German Design Prize 2012.

Isn´t that the one you won?

Yes. In 2011.


Why are these posters hanging in the kitchen?

I am afraid it is a scenographic idea. It is supposed to look cool and relaxed.

It looks cool, especially for the kitchen tools. But the posters don´t look relaxed. 

They have to be very strong to stand their ground against the scenography.


Posters by Mutabor

I think these ones are winning.

Yes, they are.


Disgusting, this is what happens when you allow feathered animals to come inside. It is not right.


I didn´t realize you could park your car here.

I don´t think you can normally. Only if your car won an award.


How do you win an award?

You have to be nominated and then you have to pay a lot of money and then a jury selects you as a winner and then you have to pay lots more money and then your work  is exhibited in a really cool and relaxed setting.

That must be worth it then.


Memo M by Joke Verbeeren

Memo M by Joke Verbeeren

What´s that?

It says it is an audio-recording and -playing device. It records your most frequently played music and if you are in a nostalgic mood, you can dig into this “collection of memory”.

I don´t know. Too many emotions in this hangar for my taste.


“Outsiders” by Lea Gerber and Samuel Coendet

Don´t tell me…

Yes, I am afraid it´s true. These are stuffed toys turned inside out. The designer won the recycling design award for coming up with such an ingenious idea.

Oh…….my…..god, how could they?

Look, it´s all being done for the good of the environment…

Yeah right, the environment. Does the environment have feelings?


No, but I have. All this talk about emotions and changing perspective. I don´t see anybody putting himself into my paws here.


….and everybody seems to find that normal.

Get over it and come here.

"Verwebe deinen Lieblingsfilm" by Waltraud Münzhuber

“Verwebe deinen Lieblingsfilm” by Waltraud Münzhuber

This used to be the favourite film of somebody.

Hm. Would you rather have the film or this, eh, “bag”?

Depends. On the film.

I think I need a rest.


What does it say?


Ok. I´ll take this one over there.


I am tired.

Let´s go home.

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