KRISE performance at We-Traders Finissage

Summer of We-Trading in Berlin

The Berlin edition of We-Traders. Swapping Crisis for City closed on Sunday 17. August 2014 with a lively finissage, including an open screen-printing session by RÜTLI-WEAR, a live performance of the KRISE workshop and a presentation by SHAREHAUS.

Over the last six weeks, We-Traders from Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Turin and Toulouse and more than 6000 visitors turned the exhibition into a busy marketplace of ideas for the transformation of our cities.

The exhibition now travels to Lisbon where the Open Call has already started, but its Berlin legacy remains: participants used the We-Traders platform as a testing ground for new ideas and a place to connect with initiatives from other cities. One exhibition visitor called her D.I.Y. catalogue a “perfect travel guide” to like-minded projects in Southwest Europe. Many told us that they left encouraged and inspired to carry on with their work.

This was the Berlin Summer of We-Trading:

Screenprinting with RÜTLI-WEAR

Photo: Sandra Le Damany, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien

Creative Confidence: Last opportunity to take part in the popular open screen printing sessions with RÜTLI-WEAR.

Performance KRISE

Testing Ground: Members of the workshop KRISE by Vivian Kvitka and Elizaveta Barsegova met for the first time on the day of the opening and continued to develop their performance over the course of the exhibition.

We-Traders Coffee Clash

Photo: Angelika Fitz

Discussion: Every Sunday afternoon We-Traders Coffee Clash guests enjoyed vegan cakes from Maja´s Deli while discussing public space, copyright, commons and cooperative housing with curators and exhibition visitors.

Cozinha popular da Mouraria

Networking: Adriana Freire and her son Miguel from Cozinha popular da Mouraria cooked in the exhibition and met up with various Berlin kitchens in preparation of their food festival next year in Lisbon.

The working concert

Photo: Jörg Schirner

The working concert: Christopher Dell and his colleagues talked the visitors through their working concert, written exclusively for the We-Traders exhibition, while they rehearsed and performed it live in the exhibition.

Repair Café at We-Traders

Photo: Julia Förster, Goethe-Institut

Knowledge exchange: Visitors could bring broken treasures to be restored at the Repair Café, organized by Kunst-Stoffe Berlin in the exhibition.


Groundwork: The compost that Martina Kolarek from „Die Boden schafft“ started on day one of the exhibition had turned into valuable humus on Day 44.

Gartenstudio at We-Traders

Photo: Goethe-Institut

Many other initiatives, such as Gartenstudio (above) cooked, made, repaired, taught, discussed and shared their wisdom with our visitors during the summer. Thanks to all of you!

Read more about the curatorial concept here, or go to the project website:

Uncredited photos: Rose Epple

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