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Would you like it modern?

New exhibition gern modern? Living concepts for Berlin after 1945 now open at the Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge in Berlin Kreuzberg. The exhibition charts ideas and initiatives of…

Chapel for 30 seconds

On November 12th, 2015, the bridge installation by Rose Epple and Alex Valder has opened in picturesque Feldkirch. The event kicked-off the Montforter Zwischentöne, an innovative music festival, which focus this…

Haushaltsmesse 2015 impressions

Haushaltsmesse 2015. The art of housekeeping and budgeting in the 21st century | A project of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in the masters´ houses from June 12 to…

Haushaltsmesse 2015 Poster by Rose Apple

Opening in Gropius Masters Houses Dessau

Rose Apple designed the visual identity, signage and exhibition graphics for the Haushaltsmesse 2015. It will open June 12 at 5 pm in the grounds of the…

Thoughts on designing information

As a spin-off of their successful Shapeshifter annual lecture series, Brussels designers and educators Inge Gobert and Johan Van Looveren have just published thoughts on designing…

Writing about the VLOW!?

Bregenz is a small but culturally buzzing town on the Austrian border of Lake Constance. You might have heard of the stunning art museum by Peter Zumthor, the…

We-Traders Madrid Exhibition Now Open!

The first We-Trader exhibition opened it’s doors on January 31 at the Matadero in Madrid and more than 2000 people came the very first night…

Rose at Shapeshifters

from bauhaus to betahaus

My recent lecture for Shapeshifters in Brussels, provided me with a good excuse to look at my work from the last decade and try to make sense of it all. Am I still the same designer as ten years ago? No, I have changed and so has the design world around me. Roughly, I would sum up this change as a move from form to process.

Discover the void!

process as product

Some people thought it was a mistake when they received the empty envelope. They called up the sender, the city of Halberstadt, to be told that this envelope was indeed their invitiation to the opening of “Discover the vo d”. These people interpreted the void as an absence of something and they wanted to fill that empty envelope, just as one automatically fills in the missing letters of the exhibition title. The invitation had triggered the mental process which the exhibition was exploring.

system and chance

My favourite graphic designer in the Bauhaus is László Moholy-Nagy. Graphic design was just one of many areas he was working in and his layouts often seem a trifle inelegant and akward. But when it comes to translating ideas into graphic compositions, he is the boldest and the most inventive and engaging. He is trying to tell you something and he wants you to UNDERSTAND that something. That is because he could be your great-great-grandfather. If he was still alive, he would turn 117 this year.

scenographic field studies

Find the most auratic object in the museum and make a sketch of the way it is presented.  

Subjektiv Buch

inter vs multi

Scenography is per se an area where a multitude of disciplines come to work together. In order to create a compelling exhibition experience for the…

Juden 45/90

writing about rooms

From years of trying to find the right person to write adequately about our exhibition designs, I know how difficult it is to describe the…

showing Wilhelm

How to exhibit literature or more specifically Goethe’s famous coming-of-age novel ‘Wilhelm Meister’ ? That was the question put to seven renowned exhibition makers at…