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All Hausbesuch e-books out now!

Hausbesuch / home visit is the name of a European project initiated by the Goethe-Institut. Over the last 7 months, 10 renowned authors from 10 European countries have been invited by 40 private hosts…

merry christ-mess

  Every year on December 1, I climb up to the attic and bring down the Christmas scrapbooks.


Design Thinking with Teens?

The Design Thinking Kids booklet charts the ups, downs and outcome of working with students from grades eight and nine on a challenge of their own choosing.

WE-TRADERS E-Book Launch

The We-Traders e-book is out! It is a reflection on theory and practice as well as a hands-on guide to the collaborative production of urban environment.

Thoughts on designing information

As a spin-off of their successful Shapeshifter annual lecture series, Brussels designers and educators Inge Gobert and Johan Van Looveren have just published thoughts on designing…

We-Traders Madrid Exhibition Now Open!

The first We-Trader exhibition opened it’s doors on January 31 at the Matadero in Madrid and more than 2000 people came the very first night…

BBS Yearbook 2013

co-designing a yearbook

The co-designing experiment was a success: the Berlin Bilingual School Yearbook 2012 / 2013 is out! Apart from it being a very authentic document of…

diy yearbook in the making

co-designing a yearbook: the process

How do you design a book with co-designers that don´t know what a layout is? I don´t know, but I am finding out at the…

editorial team of Arbeitende Orte

the working book

Technology has changed the places where people work. Or rather, technology has enabled people to work in other places than at a desk in an…

Juden 45/90

writing about rooms

From years of trying to find the right person to write adequately about our exhibition designs, I know how difficult it is to describe the…

showing Wilhelm

How to exhibit literature or more specifically Goethe’s famous coming-of-age novel ‘Wilhelm Meister’ ? That was the question put to seven renowned exhibition makers at…