Rose Epple_photo: Gianni Plescia

Hello, my name is Rose Epple a.k.a. Rose Apple. I became a designer because it was the most exciting profession I could think of that didn´t involve real danger. It still is–but am I still the same designer I was fifteen years ago? No, I have changed and so has the design world around me. Roughly, I would sum up this change in design perspective as a move from form to process.

I studied in Lyon / France, Hamburg, Paris and at Central Saint Martins College in London, where I lived for five years, shaped my design sensibilities and watched the E of my last name change into an A. The next years saw me teaching illustration and graphic design at Central Saint Martins, illustrating for English and German publications and doing freelance designing. My projects became increasingly complex, branching into corporate and editorial design, after moving to Berlin in 2000.

In 2002 I started to collaborate on scenography projects with architect Detlef Weitz and joined forces with him in 2006 under the name of chezweitz & roseapple. Our studio designed numerous exhibitions and environments, publications and marketing campaigns for leading cultural institutions across Europe as well as urban interventions in public space (for a more detailed resumé read this post). chezweitz & roseapple won numerous awards including the much sought after German Design Prize in Gold for the exhibition Andy Warhol – Other Voices, Other Rooms and their work is widely featured in international design books and magazines.

Over the years my focus shifted from commissions to questions and I left the studio in 2012 to pursue my interest in participatory design with more intensity. Next to curating the traveling exhibition We-Traders. Swapping Crisis for City, I am currently engaged in selected design projects, education and design thinking in academic and corporate contexts.

To check out my scenographic work see Vita_Museum_RA (PDF in German), to see books I designed look at Vita_Buch_RA (PDF in German) and here is a list of my most recent talking, teaching and training activities: Vita_talks_teaching_RA (PDF in English). Thank you for your interest.